Student Testimonials

Adit from India Major: Finance

Adit Bhagat, a finance major from India, worked with our Career Accelerator advisor to land two elite internships this summer at top global corporations – Commercial Insights Analyst, Global Commercial Services at American Express and Transfer Pricing Analyst at Ernst & Young (EY). After completing the internship at American Express, his employer wrote him a glowing letter of recommendation highlighting his success, stating “he was found to be punctual, inquisitive and hard working.” Adit’s success does not stop there. He was recently admitted into the UIC Honors College and was selected as the VP of UIC Flames Consulting Group this fall. “My Career Advisor has been my go-to person at UIC Global whenever I need advice about professional opportunities. He carefully reviewed my resume and applications to make sure I secure the positions I am interested in. This is why I call him the BOSS.”

Zulu from Zambia Major: Engineering

“Chicago is a complex city. Exploring the downtown area can be overwhelming because there is so much to do. In the winter, you can go ice skating at Millennium Park. I also love going to the lake and museums or just walking around and looking at skyscrapers. It’s very easy to move around the city using public transportation. When I came here, I thought it would be more difficult, but the trains and buses are always running.”

Phoo from Myanmar Major: Biochemistry

“UIC is such a diverse university, and it helped me make a lot of new friends from different cultures. Professors and staff working around campus are so friendly and are available for you anytime you need help. They also have the solutions to every problem you have. The thing that I love most about UIC is the people here. They always have a friendly smile on their face, and it makes you feel welcome in this environment. Everyone that I met has always given me their attention when speaking about myself and my life back home. I feel like I have found a new home here.”

Klevi from Albania Major: Business

“When I came here, I had a pretty good idea of American culture, but I was still nervous about whether or not I would fit in. UIC Global played a huge role in helping me out and making my journey easier and way more exciting. My advice to UIC Global students coming here for the first time is that they should not be afraid. They should know that there is a community here that will support them. UIC Global has had my back since the very first day.”

Roger from China Major: Computer Science

“When I first started studying at UIC, I was nervous to speak English in front of other people. The instructor in my UIC Global Live, Learn, Grow class gave us really useful materials and clear instructions on how to speak professionally. After I practiced at home and completed reviewing these materials, I won the Fall 2018 Elevator Pitch Competition. I am more confident talking about my experiences. I even joined tennis club, where I practice twice a week with students from all over the globe. It’s a great opportunity to make friends and communicate.”

Kirill from Russia Major: Business

“As soon as I arrived to UIC, I was focused on getting a job in order to earn money for myself. UIC offered many job fairs that helped me to understand the system of employment at the university. I am currently employed by the UIC Recreation Center. My jobs give me a lot of opportunities to develop myself and make new connections. I am very grateful to UIC for providing me with the opportunities to be employed on campus.”

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