Ready to extend your stay for summer?

Stay in Chicago this summer and save 30% on housing

Summer Housing Discounts

Available for the Summer 2024 semester only, we’re offering our students premium housing at a discounted price:

Unit Type
Premium: Private Bedroom Private Bathroom
Premium: Private Bedroom Shared Bathroom
Deluxe: Private Bedroom Private Bathroom
Deluxe: Private Bedroom Shared Bathroom
Deluxe: Shared Bedroom Shared Bathroom
Summer Semester Cost* (30% discount)
*Includes three complimentary meals per week at program-managed dining locations

Benefits of staying in summer include:

  • Available housing – no need to sign a year-long lease or a more expensive short-term lease.
  • Stay in existing housing – you don’t have to move your belongings to storage.
  • No visa challenges – stay in the US, then seamlessly progress to the fall semester.
  • Time for work experience – focus on building your career by taking a full-time internship with Career Premium , or working on campus.
  • Less time, same credits – get ahead for fall by taking a full semester of credits over the summer.
  • Discounted housing rates – summer students can enjoy exclusive discounts on premium housing.
  • Enjoy exclusive activities – Participate in trips and events only available for summer students.

Make sure to check with your UIC Global Program team to ensure your visa allows you to stay through the summer!

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