Signature Student Experience

Scavenger Hunt through Chicago’s Neighborhood

Students enjoying food

Spring 17″ Cohort Amazing Race Winning Team and thier chicken

Ready, Set, Go! Teams of students had to navigate the city this weekend as they raced to the finish line on a “scavenger hunt”. Students explored three different neighborhoods on Chicago’s far north side starting with Uptown, also known as Little Vietnam. Everyone arrived by train and stepped out into a Chinese New Year parade in progress. While figuring out clues to lead them to places like this is one part of the game, there were also activities the teams had to complete or objects they had to buy with money they had been given. One of the clues led to one of best purchases of the day. The clue read, it’s the year of the _____, go out and buy one. In the Chinese calendar it’s the year of the Rooster. One group thought a rooster was the same as a chicken so they brought back a whole cooked chicken and they also ended up being our winning team!


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