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How to Avoid Getting Stuck in Your Dorm Room

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Written by: Aizana from Kazakhstan

As a first-year international student, it is very easy to get stuck in your dorm room—trust me. And I am not saying that spending time in your dorm is necessarily a bad thing. Campus housing is the perfect place to find good friends and a great opportunity to live in a very friendly and warm community. Your dorm room becomes your new home, but you don’t want to spend all of your time at home, right?


1. Take advantage of living in Chicago

It is important to go out at least once a week. UIC’s campus is just a 15-minute walk to Chicago’s downtown, so never pass on the opportunity to experience the big-city vibe. Chicago has a unique energy, but you won’t feel it if you are sitting in your room. I know that every week you study really hard, complete all of your assignments, quizzes, essays, and definitely, your mind needs a bit of rest. But staying in your dorm room will not give you the authentic feeling that you are a college student. I remember, as a first-year student, I had short-term depression, and it was so hard for me to understand why that was. Now, I realized that it was because I stayed in the dorm room 24/7. After my classes, I went right to the dorm, which was not always the best idea. Go explore the city!


2. Join one of the 300+ student organizations at UIC

UIC has more than 300 student organizations working towards as many things as you can imagine, all to be experienced when you get involved and have an active social life. But why is a social life important? First of all, UIC is one of the most diverse universities in the U.S., so here you have the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, from nearly every country in the world. Secondly, alongside friends, college life becomes much easier to navigate. You’re doing homework together, brainstorming ideas for clubs and organizations and helping each other out. You are also creating connections that may help you in the future when searching for jobs and internships.


3. Taste food from across the world in one city

There are SO MANY places to eat in this city—Chicago is a haven for foodies. You’ll find cuisines here that from all over the world, including from your home country. Near campus, you can find great restaurants on Taylor Street. Show them your student ID card for great discounts. For even more guidance, make sure you are following @chicagobucketlist and @chicagofoodauthority on Instagram as these accounts are pretty helpful for finding the best places.

As you know, your college life should be memorable and filled with incredible moments and memories with peers and friends. Chicago is the perfect place to make these memories. So, get out of your room and experience it!

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