The Academic English Program

Advance your English skills before beginning your program. Enroll in a semester-long or eight-week Intensive English program to best prepare you for academic success at UIC.

Benefits to You:
  • No minimum English test score required: Receive a full offer for Academic English and be placed into the appropriate class level upon arrival.
  • Build confidence: Live and thrive on campus as you improve your English skills. Participating in campus life will help you to adjust to your new home and achieve academic success.

Program Description

The duration of Academic English programs through UIC Global align with the university semester. Students will study English for academic purposes in a university classroom setting. The Core English language curriculum consists of five levels.

Program Structure

Courses prepare degree-seeking students to efficiently read academic texts, write coherent academic assignments and participate in their classroom lectures and discussions with confidence. Students will take:

  • Listening and Speaking:
    • Students focus on improving their listening and speaking skills for the academic realm. They listen to and analyze talks and conversations, participate in group work activities, practice various presentation styles and learn note-taking skills.
  • Reading and Writing:
    • Students are exposed to a variety of texts to prepare them for their academic coursework. They practice different genres of writing, are introduced to using citations and learn annotation and other strategies.

Total Weekly Classroom Hours = 20 hours

Program Details

Program Length*Program
Entry Requirements**Credits Earned
Toward Degree
Full Session16 weeks

(10 weeks during the summer)

Listening and Speaking

Reading and Writing

While an English test score is required, there is no minimum score required to start.Not Applicable
Session II

(Mid-Semester Start)

8 weeksListening and Speaking

Reading and Writing

While an English test score is required, there is no minimum score required to start.Not Applicable

*Program duration varies based on level of English proficiency and intake period. Students may be required to take additional semesters of Academic English until they meet the standard progression requirement. All students will be tested upon arrival to confirm program duration.

**Some UIC majors and colleges may require a higher GPA and additional coursework for admission into their programs. Students are notified of higher GPA requirements upon arrival. All students must also pass the English requirement, ENGL160, to progress into their program.

Undergraduate Progression

Following completion of your Academic English program, you will progress into the UIC Global Extended Accelerator Program.

Anticipated ProgramProgram DurationProgression Requirement
Extended Accelerator Program3 SemestersSuccessful completion of Level 4

Important Dates

Program SessionDateSpring 2020Summer 2020Fall 2020
Full Session:Application DeadlineDecember 11, 2019April 13, 2020July 20, 2020
Full Session:Move-In DateJanuary 6, 2020May 11, 2020August 12, 2020
Full Session:Program Start DateJanuary 7, 2020May 12, 2020August 13, 2020
Session II: 

(Mid-Semester Start)

Application DeadlineFebruary 3, 2020Not ApplicableSeptember 5, 2020
Session II: 

(Mid-Semester Start)

Move-In DateFebruary 22, 2020Not ApplicableOctober 2, 2020
Session II: 

(Mid-Semester Start)

Program Start DateFebruary 23, 2020Not ApplicableOctober 4, 2020

Estimated Total Costs

All costs are displayed in U.S. dollars.

Program SessionDeadlineSpring 2020Summer 2020Fall 2020
Full Session:Tuition$7,339$7,044$7,339
Full Session:Housing$4,884-$6,800$3,076-$6,800$4,884-$6,800
Full Session:Dining$2,040-$2,045$1,375$2,040-$2,045
Full Session:Health Insurance$2,000$2,000$2,000
Full Session:Total$16,263-$18,184$12,495-$17,219$16,263-$18,184
Session II: 

(Mid-Semester Start)

Tuition$4,603Not Applicable$4,603
Session II: 

(Mid-Semester Start)

Housing*$3,000Not Applicable$3,000
Session II: 

(Mid-Semester Start)

DiningNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Session II: 

(Mid-Semester Start)

Health Insurance$675Not Applicable$675
Session II: 

(Mid-Semester Start)

Total$8,278Not Applicable$8,278

*All students enrolled in Session II will be provided with Housing Option E.

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change. The total cost of tuition will depend on the program duration and number of semesters required.

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Housing costs
in detail
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Dining costs
in detail

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