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_Kali Headshot

Kali Heifetz

Managing DirectorEmail Kali1.312.489.0579

Marshall Houserman

Director of AdmissionsEmail Marshall1.312.202.2586
_Sandy Headshot

Sandra Moklak

Academic DirectorEmail Sandra1.312.355.3208

Scott Fetters

Student Services DirectorEmail Scott1.636.345.7268

Jessica Justmann

Assistant Academic DirectorEmail Jessica1.312.996.1609
_Jack Headshot

Jack Waas

Assistant Director of AdmissionsEmail Jack1.312.805.2672
_Brian Headshot Updated

Brian Schekirke

Student Services ManagerEmail Brian1.708.490.9143
_Samantha P Headshot

Samantha Piechoncinski

Accommodations ManagerEmail Samantha1.773.497.3062

Gabriel Fig

Career Accelerator AdvisorEmail Gabriel1.331.625.5360
_Josh Headshot

Joshua Jones

Academic CoordinatorEmail Joshua1.884.842.8950
_Samir Headshot

Samir Ghazaleh

Academic CoordinatorEmail Samir1.312.413.9462
_Kulsum Headshot

Kulsum Siddiqui

Admissions OfficerEmail Kulsum1.312.805.2672
_Emma Headshot

Emma Larson

Student Services AdvisorEmail Emma1.312.758.8657
_Hope Headshot

Hope Sanders

Student Services AdvisorEmail Hope1.615.417.6104
_Melissa Headshot2

Melissa Bryant

Student Services AdvisorEmail Melissa1.312.639.0807
_Katharine Headshot

Katharine Romero

Student Services AdvisorEmail Katharine1.312.805.2672
_Haley Headshot

Haley Putnam

Student Services AdvisorEmail Haley1.224.477.6922
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David Kaiser

Student Services AdvisorEmail David1.312.533.5243

Samantha Kritt

Marketing CoordinatorEmail Samantha1.708.298.2490
_Ileana headshot

Ileana Bordarnea

Operations CoordinatorEmail Ileana1.773.931.4938

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