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_Kali Headshot

Kali Heifetz

Managing DirectorEmail Kali1.312.489.0579

Marshall Houserman

Director of AdmissionsEmail Marshall1.312.202.2586
_Sandy Headshot

Sandra Moklak

Academic DirectorEmail Sandra1.312.355.3208

Scott Fetters

Student Services DirectorEmail Scott1.312.413.9462

Gabriel Fig

Career Accelerator AdvisorEmail Gabriel1.331.625.5360
_Jack Headshot

Jack Waas

Assistant Director of AdmissionsEmail Jack1.312.805.2672

Samantha Kritt

Marketing CoordinatorEmail Samantha1.708.298.2490

Jessica Justmann

Assistant Academic DirectorEmail Jessica1.312.996.1609

Joshua Jones

Academic CoordinatorEmail Joshua1.884.842.8950

Lucas Wakefield

Student Services AdvisorEmail Lucas1.312.520.9629

Brian Schekirke

Student Services ManagerEmail Brian1.312.996.1639
_Emma Headshot

Emma Larson

Student Services AdvisorEmail Emma1.312.758.8657

Aaron Henrickson

Student Services AdvisorEmail Aaron1.884.842.8950
_Hope Headshot

Hope Sanders

Student Services AdvisorEmail Hope1.615.417.6104
_Melissa Headshot2

Melissa Bryant

Student Services AdvisorEmail Melissa1.312.639.0807

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