As an international student, you are probably eager to arrive in Chicago to study on campus. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we understand that it may be difficult to arrive on time for the Fall 2020 semester. To keep you on track and on pace for graduation, explore our options for starting your degree program virtually.

Introducing: UIC Live

Our new undergraduate students who are facing delays in arriving to campus for the Fall 2020 semester are welcome to participate in UIC Live, a digital learning experience recognized by PIE News as a “Digital Innovation of the Year.” UIC Live will allow undergraduate students to earn UIC credits from their home country and transition smoothly to campus in Spring 2021.

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How It Works

Industry-leading UIC faculty are broadcast to your home in your country through our live-to-device technology. They interact with you in real time—lecturing and answering questions, supplying feedback, drawing up polls and surveys, and engaging with you as if they were standing physically in the classroom.

With this distance-learning program, you will:

  • Start your degree in your home country
  • Take live-to-device courses at home
  • Learn from world-class UIC faculty in real time
  • Collaborate with classmates in and out of the virtual classroom
  • Receive bilingual support with counselors in your time zone
  • Participate in virtual campus events, and get personalized guidance for your transition to the U.S.

5 Benefits of UIC Live


A head start

Don’t delay—start your degree program now, with no interruptions.


UIC credits

Stay on track—start earning UIC credits before you arrive on campus.


An engaging, real-time classroom

Learn with top UIC professors, in real time, and get more engagement than in a typical classroom!


Dedicated support

Get technical support with counselors in your time zone plus guidance on your transition to campus.


A connection to campus

Become part of the UIC community with regularly scheduled virtual events like game nights and campus “tours.”

Virtual Graduate Program Offerings

Students within the UIC College of Business Administration can now start their Master’s programs virtually in Fall 2020 and arrive on campus for the Spring 2021 semester. Virtual programs include:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)
  • Master of Science in Finance (MSF)
  • Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MSMIS)
  • Master of Science in Marketing (MSM)
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain and Operations Management (MSSCOM)

For more details on the graduate programs listed, please visit the College of Business Administration page. If you do not see your degree listed on this page, please reach out to your enrollment counselor to confirm.

Important Dates

Fall 2020
UIC Live Application DeadlineAugust 5, 2020
Program Start DateAugust 13, 2020
Instruction BeginsAugust 24, 2020

Hear from Our Students

Guodong Zhang, China

“This learning modality is not much different from the traditional classroom. I feel much more relaxed and more willing to express myself. In addition, live-to-device allows me to receive an American higher education without leaving home, which saves commuting time compared to traditional university experience.”

Li Shuaizhao, China

“I think the live-to-device model will definitely become a very important way of learning. For most people, it is unrealistic to travel around the world in order to learn a certain thing or skill. And this model allows everyone to learn knowledge from all over the world without time or space restrictions. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the live-to-device model appear in front of people’s eyes, and many people have discovered its benefits.”

Ready to get started with your UIC bachelor’s degree?