A student’s transition in the international journey from their home country to campus is made easier through a supportive, informative process.


Through prior communications from campus teams via WeChat and WhatsApp, students know who in their cohort will be arriving at the same time. Airport meeting spot photos, WiFi details, and an overview of orientation events will also be provided.


Lost, or miss a connecting flight? Look for standard signage, at all major airports. When you reach your final destination, staff will warmly welcome you to the United States. On the drive to campus, learn more information about the university, the local community, and your future home. WiFi hot spots and chargers make it easy to connect, while enjoying snacks and refreshments after a long journey.

Ready to get out there and explore?

It’s easy to get to know your new city and country. Chicago has lots of convenient transportation options, whether you’re taking a bus across town or flying to New York City for a fun weekend.