Academic Resources for UIC Global Students

UIC Global advising a student on academic resources

As an international student, adjusting to academic life in the U.S. can be a challenge. UIC Global is here to help you with this transition and provide the resources you need to be successful. Check out these top academic resources to help you excel at UIC.

UIC Global Student Handbook:

The UIC Global Student Handbook is a comprehensive guide to UIC that includes an overview of UIC Global services, staff, and tutors as well as important dates and academic policies. You will receive a hard copy of the handbook during your first few weeks on campus.

UIC Global Student Handbook

Navigating Blackboard:

This step-by-step resource video helps you navigate Blackboard and understand its purpose. Discover how to submit documents, find important information and where to find your classes.

Navigating Blackboard

Classroom Expectations Presentation:

In order to be a successful student at UIC, it’s important to understand the expectations in the U.S. classroom. This presentation covers basic classroom rules and guidelines, what’s expected from the student during lectures and how to be prepared for class.

Classroom Expectations Presentation

UIC 101 – Campus Resources:

Use this guide for information about different resource buildings on campus and where to find them, including the UIC Cultural Centers, Health & Wellness destinations, the Library and more.

UIC 101 – Campus Resources

Weekly Time Grid:

This tool will help you map out your week, so you can plan your free time accordingly. You can include your regularly scheduled classes or work shifts to determine when you can complete coursework successfully.

Weekly Time Grid Tool

MyHomework App:

Keep track of all of your assignments in the myHomework application. After you receive your assignments for the semester, you can enter them directly in the app, so you can complete them on time.

MyHomework App

Syllabus Guide:

This guide explains the purpose of a syllabus, what it includes for each class, and where you can find each syllabus. You can also discover how you can use your syllabi to stay on track in your classes.

Syllabus Guide 

To learn more about the different academic resources UIC Global offers, please reach out to a member of our academics team.

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