Signature Student Experience

Chicago Treats: Garrett’s Popcorn

Students posing at Garrett's Popcorn

Garrett’s Popcorn a Chicago favorite!

In a city full of museums, there is always a place to go when it’s cold outside and you want toexplore…indoors. There is a museum for everyone. We have several art museums, zoos, history museums and one planetarium. For all the science enthusiasts, and for those who just like to look at stars, this is the place for you. We learned about the space race, saw a piece of a meteor and learned about the technology that made the trip to space possible. Afterwards we stopped to try a Chicago favorite, Garrett’s Popcorn. This isn’t your ordinary kernel of corn. The special Chicago mix is a combination of salty and sweet. There is the cheesy, buttered popcorn mixed in with the sweet caramel covered corn.  While you will often find a line outside the door of any store, this is a must have for any new Chicago visitor. 

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