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What Is American Collegiate Live?

American Collegiate Live gives you the opportunity to start your undergraduate studies online, from home. Study live, in real time, and earn recognized credits at top-ranked higher education destinations. Make new friends from around the world, refine and practice both conversational and academic English, and get guided support before heading to the US.

With American Collegiate Live, benefit from:

1. Flexible studies

Classes run every semester, and students can enroll from any location. Classes are designed to accommodate busy schedules and multiple time zones.

2. Engaging classes

Using state-of-the-art interactive technology, American Collegiate Live’s digital classroom provides real-time interactions and opportunities to collaborate with instructors and peers. Student surveys indicate more engagement than traditional classrooms!

3. Recognized credits

Work toward your degree with recognized credits and stay on track.

4. English-language support

Improve your English proficiency with the help of your professors and dedicated English-language classes.

Here’s What American Collegiate
Live Students Have to Say

Hundreds of international students have successfully started their study in the US journeys through American Collegiate Live.

“You will feel that the professor is standing in front of you delivering the course. We do not have any barriers communicating.”

—Cynthia from China, University of Massachusetts Amherst: Electrical and Computer Engineering

“You feel connected with the teacher more than how you would in real life. There’s more eye contact so the experience feels very personal. You don’t feel shy about voicing your opinion and questions because you already feel comfortable with the teacher.”

—Omar from Qatar

“American Collegiate Live provided a great opportunity to earn US university credits early, [and has] helped to accelerate my graduation date.”

–Yijia from China, Boston University, psychology major

Earn Recognized Credits

Check out the following list of recognized credits you can work toward throughout your American Collegiate Live program:

American Collegiate Live Course American Collegiate Live Credit Hours University of Illinois Chicago Course Name University of Illinois Chicago Credit Hours
Poets, Warriors, and Sages: The Greeks (CLSICS 180) 3 Understanding the Individual and Society, or Understanding the Past, or Understanding the Creative Arts categories; General Elective (ISUPCA) 3; University to evaluate course credit upon submission and review of official transcripts to UIC Admissions
Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 101) 3 Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 120) 3
Composition I (ENGL 101) 3 Academic Writing I (ENGL 160) 3
The Nature of Environmental Problems (ENVSTY 101) 3 Natural World Lecture; General Elective (NWLECIS) 3; University to evaluate course credit upon submission and review of official transcripts to UIC Admissions
College Algebra (MATH 115) 3 College Algebra (Math 110) 3
Precalculus (MATH 130) 3 Pre-Calculus (Math 121) 3
Calculus 1 (MATH 140) 4 Calculus 1 (Math 180) 4
Introduction to Business (MGT 130) 3 General Business Elective (INTROBUSINESS) 2; University to evaluate course credit upon submission and review of official transcripts to UIC Admissions
Fundamentals of Physics (PHYSIC 113) 4 Natural World Lecture (PHYS) 4
Introduction to Communication (COMM 100) 3 Introduction to Communication (COMM 101) 3
Introduction to Computers and Information Systems (MSIS 110) 3 N/A N/A
International Relations (POLSCI 220) 3 Introduction to International Relations (POLS 184) 3

ESL placement testing required upon arrival to campus

With a degree from American Collegiate Live, stay on track with your journey toward studying in the US.
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