Campus Culture at UIC

Flourish, experience and live with students from countries across the globe on UIC’s campus, located near the city of industry and skyscrapers.

UIC Campus Highlights

    • 3.7 km from downtown Chicago
    • 5,400 trees on a lush, green campus
    • Over 50 languages spoken on campus
    • Chicago’s only public research university
Chicago Skyline

Traveling Around Campus

UIC has multiple modes of transportation across campus, so you can move, roam, dine and study with ease.

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There are over 800 bike racks around campus to make bike commuting easy and convenient. UIC also has many Divvy stations if you don’t own a bike.

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The Intracampus Bus Line

The Intracampus Bus line helps you travel from the east to west side of campus and vice versa. Intracampus routes are accessible, and additional paratransit service options are available on campus seven days a week.

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Getting Off Campus

Navigating Chicago without a car is a challenge, but there are many options available, so you’ll be zooming around the city in no time.

Safety Comes First

The UIC Alert System

The UIC ALERT System provides an emergency notification system to reach students and employees quickly. The system allows quick messaging in multiple formats, such as emergency text (SMS) alerts, e-mails and alerts on Twitter and Facebook. Students and employees must register their mobile phone numbers to receive text message notifications. Official and urgent e-mail notifications, including UIC ALERT messages, are automatically sent to UIC campus e-mail addresses.

UIC Police Department

The campus police, whose officers have statewide statutory arrest powers, works closely with the Chicago Police Department. The department has a long tradition of community policing and patrols the campus and nearby neighborhoods. It is committed to the safety and security of the campus and its neighborhoods, to create the most enriching academic environment and quality of life for all UIC's students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Red Car

UIC’s free evening transportation service is offered to students, employees and visitors when traveling between university facilities.

StarTel Alarm System

Through UIC’s StarTel Alarm System, students can summon campus police directly and immediately in case of emergency or personal threat. There are more than 1,000 alarms throughout campus, and police response time is less than three minutes.

Staying Active and Healthy

Stay healthy and happy with our wide variety of on-campus resources.

Pop-up Pantry

Are you a student experiencing food insecurity? Are you a community member looking to support the pantry through donation of goods or time? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the Pop-up Pantry is for you! Learn how to shop, donate, volunteer and more!

Individual Consultations

If you need guidance in any area of wellness, then an individual consultation may be just the guidance you need! Submit a form, and you will be contacted by a health educator to set up your appointment!

Stress Relief

Stress is a part of everyday life, especially when you are a college student. The demands from your educational workload, along with everyday responsibilities, can be the source of stress. Stress is the response to an event or situation that calls for change, threatens the order or safety of life or places an unusual demand on your physical, mental and emotional resources. You can request an individual consultation with a Wellness Center Health Educator if you are experiencing stress and need a new way to help manage its impact on your life.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is filled with literature resources, both physically and online, to answer questions that you may have that address the eight dimensions of wellness. Browse in our online literature library or stop in!

Want to make friends on campus?

UIC has many student organizations with specifically cultural or international focuses, like the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, the Confederation of Latin American Students and the Saudi Students Association.