Prepare for Success

Want to prepare yourself for English-speaking classrooms? With the Pre-Sessional English program, you get the strong language support you need to feel more comfortable learning in English.

Once you complete the Pre-Sessional English program, you’ll transition into the Extended Accelerator Program and start working toward your degree.

Program Details

Program Length
Total Credits
Earned Toward
1 semester
(14 weeks)
Planned – all courses exclusive to Accelerator students Not applicable 2.0 GPA and approval from Accelerator team Extended Accelerator Program

Entry Requirements

To apply for the Pre-Sessional English add-on program at UIC, you should have at least the following qualifications:

GPA Requirement Minimum TOEFL® Minimum IELTS™ Minimum Pearson Versant™
Only one of the scores below required
2.5 60 or below 5.0 or below 45 or below

Build your career before it even begins.

Included in Pre-Sessional English, the Career Accelerator is a two-year program focused on professional development. Learn valuable skills. Gain real-world experience. Customize your experience to fit your goals. So you can stand out when you apply for jobs.


When my internship ended, I was offered a position working full-time for the Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund as a Program Auditor. An internship is the chance to prove yourself and show what kind of employee you would be.”

– Jackie Stout, Political Science student
“The professors make it easy for me to understand the topic that they’ve dedicated their lives to.”
Estella Huang, Biological Sciences student